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23-01-2009, 20:48
Hi Buffs
I would like to clean my Registry but only occasionally since I understand that such action done frequently does not make a great deal of difference to speed nor memory usage. Accordingly it does not seem worth shelling out for a program when I have heard that there are good free ones available.
However I object strongly to programs which claim to be free but turn out to be only a free scan with a demand for payment if one wants to action the error correction elements also even then one finds that one is not purchasing the program but only paying for a time-limited (usually annual) licence for a program which by its nature would not appear to need any up-dating --- in other words is just annother attempted confidence trick!
So, Buffs, do you know of any really FREE programs which work and can be trusted not to contain trojans, viruses or other malaware ?


23-01-2009, 20:55
Ccleaner has a mild registry cleaner, and Eusing free reg cleaner is more thorough.



Both are perfectly safe to use, and each has backup options, for Ccleaner see Dave's tutorial HERE (http://forums.vnunet.com/thread.jspa?threadID=148766&tstart=0). (When you run Eusing you will get a little nag screen come up - just press the 'skip' button.)

After a big registry clean out, it would be advisable to defrag it, which you can do with this nifty piece of kit:

free registry defrag

24-01-2009, 08:44

Like Floydoid, I use both CCleaner and Eusing and have no problems with them at all. If you use CCleaner to clean up the registry then try Eusing, it will always find more items for deletion as CCleaner is a milder cleaner than Eusing.
In all the years of using Eusing I have never had to do a restore from it`s automatically backed-up registry items I`ve deleted.

rogerman :)

24-01-2009, 10:22
Hi floydoid and rogerman

Thanks to you both - I will proceed accordingly and save progs for the future