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15-02-2009, 10:44
I didn't use my computer for about 2 weeks recently - everytime I turn on the computer since then however, the following message appears on a black screen immediately:


162 - System Options Not Set
Your system configuration has changed since your last boot (addition of a hard drive etc.) or a loss of power to the Real Time Clock has occured. The Real Time Clock will lose power if the onboard battery is not functioning correctly. Pressing F1 will record the new configuration. If this message persists, you may need to replace the onboard battery.

The following configuration options were automatically updated:
Memory: 248MB
Diskette Drives: A:
Disk: 40.0 GB ST340014A
Disk: 320 GB WD 3200BMV External HP d530 SFF (DG059A)

If you are running Unix, you need to configure your system using the Computer Setup Utility (F10)
CMOS checksum invalid, default values loaded."

"F1: Save Changes" is highlighted at the bottom of the screen. When I press this the following message appears:

"163 - Time and Date Not Set

The system is invalid. This may be a result of a loss in battery power. Set the correct time and date using your operating system. If this message persists, you may need to replace the onboard battery."

"F1: Boot" is now highlighted, which I press and the Windows XP Professional desktop finally opens. I then have to change the date and time in the Control Panel each time.

Can anyone shed any light on what is wrong with the computer and what I can do (if anything) to fix it please?

15-02-2009, 11:07
It sounds like your CMOS battery needs changing - it is relatively easy to do, and a new battery (usually a cr2032) should cost no more than a couple of quid. More inf on these pages:


21-02-2009, 14:59
Thanks for that. It was the battery. All sorted and running fine again.

22-02-2009, 10:12
Glad you got it sorted :)