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18-05-2010, 20:34
Hi everyone. I know very little about wireless connections but when I use my home computer using my BT HomeHub if I click on "view available wireless networks" I can see my own connection which says
"BT HomeHub2 security -enabled wireless network" and a padlock sign.
below are another two connections, one says
"BTopenzone Unsecured wireless network" and the other
"BTfon unsecured wireless network"
As the nearest house to me is approx 200yard away or more, is it possible that I am picking up someone else's network connection from this distance?
Also am I correct in thinking that no one can log on to mine because it says
"security enabled"
Thank you in advance for your advice.

18-05-2010, 20:42
if your network connections are saying they are available then you are picking up someone elses connections

and your correct that no one else can connect to your wireless connection without the router password

anne r
18-05-2010, 21:32
If you have your own wireless network set up with a password/key then nobody can just jump on and use your connection...obviously they too will need to know that password.
There are ways for hackers to get passwords if they are determind enough so the more complicated the password/key the better and where possible use encryption higher than wep.

There are different levels of encryption for wireless and you've likely heard the terms wep, wpa, wpa2

As for the openzone and btfon ... have you opted into anything with your broadband deal to let others share your connection?
If you haven't then somebody not far away has:


anne r
18-05-2010, 21:46
Note near the bottom of the page in my link above, it gives information on how to tell if you are opted in to the wifi community with BT Fon:


How do I check that I have joined the BT FON community?

You can do this by double clicking on the hub manager icon on your desktop or by opening your web browser and entering BT Home Hub into the address bar.
Under the services menu and Wi-Fi community you will see either a green tick or a red cross. If there is a green tick you are a member of the BT FON Wi-Fi community.

18-05-2010, 22:26
Hi there thanks for your helpful information.I can't find a home hub icon on my desktop but I will try my web browser as you suggested tomorrow as I have run out of time tonight.
I only use my computer in the house and just use wireless when I am sitting in the living room but could easily revert back to using a cable.. I have no intention of using my laptop outside the house so do you think that I should opt out of any btfon set up.
I am 70 years of age and struggling a bit with computers so the more simplifed the better.
Thank you again.

anne r
19-05-2010, 01:00
I would choose to opt out if it was my connection and I didn't intend using my laptop anywhere else or on the move.

Opting out of BT Fon:


*apparently bt broadband customers who took out contracts after march of 2009 are automatically opted in to BT Fon and can use OpenZone minutes.

I'm not sure if you are actually seeing your own BT Fon on the available wireless list ... but you can do the opt out and follow what it says to do.
After opting out I would expect that soon after you would no longer see those two names listed as available networks.

Anne :)

19-05-2010, 21:17
I live well off the beaten track - so I'd be amazed to see anyone using mine - but I opted in and have used connections all ovver the shop...

if you give it freely ... you get it back freely ... otherwise you pay ... so

your wireless signal is so weak that unless there is a factory or hotel at the bottom of your garden it's very unlikely that you'll ever end up with a regular user leeching your line

the options have just changed ... mine used to just show an openzone
now you can see ... my home hub + fon + openzone ... and my work one ...

I've never heard of anyone being hacked ... or penalised on bandwidth
(it uses something like 200k max)


anne r
20-05-2010, 15:11
I'm not sure if you are actually seeing your own BT Fon on the available wireless list ... Anne :)

So going by your post AC it looks like tighnaclag is indeed seeing his own BT Fon and an available Openzone network.

I might look into opting in myself ... am I right in presuming I can opt in and use the btfon and openzones even though I don't use the BT Homehub and use my own wireless router?

21-05-2010, 17:35
thinking about it ... (ouch!!) taking part implies you are sharing yours ... the fon site shows a "special?" router

I assume my BT home hub has the same gizmo built in.

looking here http://www.btfon.com/
it seems to be saying you need total BB to take advantage ... but I'm guessing that's for the router

You know ... I'd never thought about it (it's just a tick in a box on the router) ... but when you use an openzone the wireless connection wiz opens a browser window to a logon screen that asks for your logon details ... if you have BT account details ... (the same ones that you use on the router) it then connects

looking at the wep details ... they all have their own mac address ... but use the same chan ... so I guess it's a firmware thing that keeps them separate

but the home hub is a complex little beast
it uses two IP addresses and runs a second server that gives usb disk and printer sharing as well as the ususual


anne r
22-05-2010, 19:58
thinking about it ... (ouch!!) taking part implies you are sharing yours ...

Yes that's right as I understand it ... to use BT Fon you have to share your bb connection but I read somewhere that you can still opt in to use BT Fon even if you don't have the homehub router ... when you get the router you can then share your connection with other users.

This is the peice I'm referring to ... I've obviously misunderstood though :confused::

What if I don't have a hub?

If you don't have a hub and are a BT Total Broadband customer you can still join BT FON. You will be able to log in at other members BT FON home hubs >>> what do they mean by log in at other members BTFon homehubs ... do they mean use their connections??
and if you get a hub in the future you will then be able to share bandwidth with other members of BT FON >>> do they mean share your own bandwidth with other members ?

What do I get when I join BT FON?

When you join BT FON, you share your bandwidth with other BT FON members who are in range of your wireless router connection, and in return, you can get access to broadband whenever you are in range of another member's connection.
BT FON members can also access FON hotspots anywhere in the world. BT Total Broadband customers who are members of BT FON can also have access at BT Openzone Hotspots.

I guess I'm just trying to find out if as a BT Total BB customer ..can I opt in but not share my connection as I haven't got the hub in use ?

25-05-2010, 22:57
... I don't see how it can work though ... But I'm seeing what you're seeing ... it does seem to be saying you can ... I suppose you could opt in and then find a hotspot and see

it seems to mean that with BTfon it's the paying that counts ... not the taking part!

having said that ... I also thought all total bb customers got a router ... so that shows what I know!

did you just not get one ... or did you decide to use an alternative.

I think it's a cracking piece of kit ... and for free it's worth every penny

anne r
26-05-2010, 12:50

having said that ... I also thought all total bb customers got a router ... so that shows what I know!

did you just not get one ... or did you decide to use an alternative.

I think it's a cracking piece of kit ... and for free it's worth every penny

We got the white coloured BT wireless Homehub off them for free ... it was awful!
dropping the connection regularly and then it couldn't pick it back up again ..I was having to re-install it by the bloody minutes!
AND, at the time, their forums were inundated with people having the same problem.

I still have it here in its box ... whether a firmware update will help now who knows, but I'm not disturbing my stable connection after the months of hell I had trying to get things sorted out.

I currently use a Netgear DG834PN wireless router .. it's been on now 24/7 for over two years :)

26-05-2010, 21:02
Mine was white ... a version 1.0 ... and honestly never had a problem with it ... my connection did start dropping - but it was the exchange equipment.

since then I've moved house ... and after 2 trouble free years it got a painfully slow (even for a modem) transfer rate ... again exchange equipment ... but I enquired after a new black version 2 jobbie ... the engineer doesn't carry them ... but a call to bombay (0800 111 4567) with a tale of woe about a dead router ... and having to use an old spare no arguments a new one was be posted out that night.

two days later it arrived ... and it works just as well as the old one :D
except it's an "n" ... and the range is even better ... bottom of the garden (three brick walls and 90 foot distance still gets 5 excellent bars - stuck a usb hdd in the usb port ... and while it's not the fastest NAS ... the online storage works a treat - mine has always been good

anne r
27-05-2010, 00:34
Maybe I'll ask for one if this router takes the knock ... thanks for letting me know.

27-05-2010, 18:54

As my contract is coming to an end BT rang me up last week and offered me a reduction of £3 a month(down to £12/99) and threw in the new BT Home Hub 2 with remote for free. It's only 12 months since they supplied the Home Hub 2 that I'm using atm for free. Always been happy with them so needless to say I accepted.


anne r
27-05-2010, 22:47
cheers for the info Joe ...I'll keep that in mind too :)