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Old 18-01-2013, 16:22
Marbles65 Marbles65 is offline
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hi Johnny,,,,, im failing to understand your ISP,,,,, the whole idea is to give you as faster speed possible that your line can attain,,,, but also keeping good sync,,, ie,,, no dropouts.

its quite clear they can and have given you speeds of 4meg, so why dont you get this all the time ???

have you asked them about this ??
i just seems strange to me.
Old 19-01-2013, 17:26
JWM JWM is offline
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Hi Marbles,

The biggest problem is contention on a rural connection.

The local (Non-LLU) exchange may only be 50m away, but it is a satellite exchange fed by 14 miles of 50pr copper cable from the nearest town. Needless to say, none of this route is fibre, and the satellite exchange feeds far more than just this village. IE: There are probably over a 2000 customers ( and Phone) sharing those 50 pairs. Don't know what multiplexer arrangements they use (if any), but they are not very effective.

Even when I juggle onto a more effective IP address and try to hold on to it by not disconnecting, I have noticed that if I don't actually send or receive any traffic for ten minutes, the connection will often drop out, and JDAS will just report 'no IP detected' when making it's 15 min tests.

It has got very bad lately though, and I suppose I am overdue another moan at them, but even that isn't so straightforward. I pay for my line rental, calls, and through Utility Warehouse. These are linked in with gas, electric, feed in tariff, Mobile phone, etc, and all sorted out and paid on one monthly bill. It's a great system, that provides quite a healthy discount, but it can get complex when things go wrong.

However, although everything is paid for through UW Club, all the services are still actually provided by the normal suppliers. In the case of Phone and I assume this to be BT. Complaining direct to BT just elicits the response that I am not registered as a BT customer ... so I have to negotiate via the UW club call centre, who in turn pass it to the Telecom-Plus engineers, who then have to negotiate with the BT call-centre in order to pass it on to the Outreach people

On the rare occasions that a BT or Outreach engineer condescend to actually speak with me directly, 90% of the conversation revolves around "If you were to pay your bills direct to BT ...." Which I am not about to do, as with UW Club, all my phone calls (Including International) are free, and the feed in tariff is generously boosted.

I'm an ex (Army) Telecoms Engineer myself, so I do understand what's going on here, but, as you say... What they CAN provide, and what they are willing to provide (to a non paying customer), are two different things. I'd willingly provide and lay my own F/o cable to the exchange if they'd let me, but even that wouldn't solve the bottleneck of that 15mile copper cable through to the town exchange.

BUT ... things are getting so bad now, methinks it is maybe time to restart negotiations, but I'm not looking forward to it..


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Old 19-01-2013, 17:48
Marbles65 Marbles65 is offline
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Join Date: Oct 2007
Location: Hull
Posts: 8,135

Ah,,, im with you now Johnny,,,,, not the usual problems then,,,,
hope it all gets better for you pal
good luck.
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