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Old 11-04-2003, 10:01
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Default exPressit CD label software

Dear all,
I've just bought the above CD labelling software and it is agonisingly slow. I've contacted the vendor's technical services people who just seem incapable of understanding the problem.
Images take several (yes, several)minutes to download from the program files and when they do, the whole operation of applying text is "jerky" and laborious.
I have installed the programme as their "recommended" rather than custom.
My platform is W98SE and I use Nero V5 for CD creation.
I'd be interested to learn if anyone has any ideas as to why this alleged simple program is behaving the way it is?
Possibly one for the dustbin?
Old 11-04-2003, 11:59
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Default Windows' resource memory issue?

This is most unlikely to be due to the program. It may be caused by the 'resources' running low (possibly exacerbated by a memory leak or programs running in the background).
The term 'resources' refers to a small area of memory, just 64KB in size, which Windows 9x/Me uses to keep track of system activity. It is nothing to do with the amount of physical RAM installed or free space available on the hard disk. From the moment Windows is started it consumes this resource memory at a rapid rate and every new program launched, activity started, font used, or window opened takes up more. Certain programs, such as the Print Manager and Internet applications, are particularly resource hungry. Windows Me is the most susceptible to resource problems as it incorporates more programs -- System Restore, Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player, etc. By (illegally) grafting the browser into the operating system Microsoft may well have "cut off Netscape's air supply", but it's your system which is being choked. Adware, spyware and other similar parasites which exploit Windows' security flaws can also consume considerable resources and may continue to run in the background undetected.

When resource memory is running low, Windows starts to exhibit serious problems. Error messages may be displayed on launching programs, the system may slow to a crawl, and lock-ups and crashes may occur if more resources are demanded by, for example, opening a graphics heavy web page.
For a concise discussion of the problem and a number of possible workarounds, see 'Why Windows misbehaves, Part 1: It runs out of one kind of memory at 64 kilobytes.':

I also suggest reducing installed fonts to a minimum and checking for Windows malware using the free demo version of PestPatrol. Switching to a more efficient browser such as Opera may also be of benefit.

The 64KB resource memory limit typifies Microsoft's spatchcock approach to operating system design. Sadly, most Windows users have no experience of anything else, so are unaware of how poor it really is.
Old 11-04-2003, 12:22
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Join Date: Jan 1970
Posts: 84
Default Re: Windows' resource memory issue?

Thank you for your most informed reply.

I fully understand and appreciate that I must minimise programmes at launch and will check my startup defaults to do just that.

However, there have been no other problems with any of the other programmes I use nor any system crashes or Illegal Operation warning flags.

My system is almost virginal having just been reinstalled, which brings me to the conclusion that the exPressit software is playing up. Possibly in conflict with something else. I dunno!
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