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Old 30-12-2009, 17:14
singingsister singingsister is offline
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Red face 3 Mobile Broadband Connection Keeps Dropping


We have 3 mobile broadband dongle to connect to the internet. About 6 months ago we had a problem where we couldn't get on the internet. The network connection either showed local or limited connectivity. 3 weren't really much help but it eventually turned out that it was AVG that was blocking the connection. So I uninstalled AVG and we didn't have another problem.......

Until today, when after spending 30 minutes on the internet, the connection suddenly dropped and I was unable to get it back. I left it alone thinking it might be just because it's busy being Xmas holidays. We have two laptops at home and when my husband came home we tried it on his laptop and it connects fine.

I've tried taking the antivirus (AVAST) and Malware Bytes off (even though I've had these programmes on for ages with no problems) and even tried turning off the firewall.

Some occasions I've managed to stay connected for maybe an hour or so, sometimes only 10 minutes but if the connection drops, I can't seem to get back on the net.

What can be the problem? We don't have many programmes on the laptop and I can't work out what could be blocking the connection.

Can anyone help? It's driving me spare! Oh, and telling me to get rid of 3 is no use - we're stupidly signed up for 2 years.
Old 30-12-2009, 22:35
Marbles65 Marbles65 is offline
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Location: Hull
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hi,,, i have 4 - 5 friends who signed up to 3 mobile bb and between them have not used 1gb upto now,,, and they have been with them for months,,, 1 mate has never,, NEVER had a connection no matter what they surgest and tell him to do,,,, he even took it up the lift in out local hospatal,,,,, 14 floors high and still got nish,,,, in the end they let him out his contract,,, after threats on his behalf of taking them to court,,, with them supplying the evidence against them selves,,, his own monthly download figures ZERO down and ZERO up
get out if you can.
Old 31-12-2009, 17:15
0150arthur 0150arthur is offline
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Location: scotland
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Wink 0150arthur

take out sim card, give it a clean, then try, had mine a year, have had the max, 3 even texed telling me my time was up
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