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Old 01-04-2004, 01:31
anonymous anonymous is offline
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Default Turn you monitor into a digital camera!

Came across this interesting web site and thought others may be interested in taking a look (quite literally). It's an experimental site that attempts to turn your computer monitor into a primitive form of camera.

Modern computer monitors use software to control the colour balance on the screen. Basically, the pixels of the screen image are compared to an array of calibration values and adjusted accordingly -- any changes due to burn-in or fading of the phosphor are therefore compensated for. These offset values are exploited in some systems to make other adjustments to the screen image -- Apple's ColorSync, for example, allows the monitor to be synchonised with scanners and printers to ensure that the colours you see on screen will be exactly the same as those printed out.

What this experimental website does is to read the adjustment values from your video memory and then subtract them from the known values for the web page being displayed. Assuming your monitor is in reasonable condition and not suffering from any localised burn-in, these risidual values will represent the ambient light falling on each pixel.

To give it a try just stare at the dot in the lens of the camera graphic then click on the 'Take Photo' link. A second page will then appear showing the progress of the calculations (the image is sharpened up using a sophisticated 'flair loop' algorithm). When complete just click on the button to see what your 'photo' looks like. I think you'll agree the results are remarkably lifelike. The best images are obtained with light coming from behind your computer (a window or a lamp), but if you can clearly see your reflection in the screen when the machine is switched off then it should work reasonably well. Say cheese at:
Old 01-04-2004, 23:33
anonymous anonymous is offline
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Default Re: Turn you monitor into a digital camera!

You little monkey! tee I LIKE ur sense of adventure!
Old 04-04-2004, 12:23
anonymous anonymous is offline
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Default Re: Turn you monitor into a digital camera!

Hi Jeff
I was reading your reply to my post about MS and Apple when I saw this post -
I duly followed the link (yes, even after I had read the only reply and was highly amused - you got me
My wife thought it was good too - I`m amazed nobody else has thought to say thank you for again brigtening our day
Old 04-04-2004, 15:29
linesman linesman is offline
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Default Re: Turn you monitor into a digital camera!

Thought this area wasn't for cameras jeff .... Gotcha!!
Old 04-04-2004, 18:41
addie2 addie2 is offline
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Default Re: Turn you monitor into a digital camera!

Nice one Jeff....My wife thought it was so funny she e-mailed the link to her friend in chicago.......addie ;\
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